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Engineering Design and Consulting

AMP has a number of core engineering services that could support various engineering functions to complement your project.  AMP is able to provide project staffing in several ways, by deploying professionals to a customer site and placing staff under the customer's management, by performing the activity internally in a remote setting  under the company's internal management, or both depending on the project structure required to carry out the project successfully.


Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis between 2 gears


In development of a new powertrain, initial studies are required to identify the best concepts. AMP has the capability to derive, simulate and assess multiple concepts and layouts.

In the concept stage, specifications, constraints and interfaces are reviewed for appropriate selection and design of  critical components such as gears, bearings and gearbox components. The implication on ensuring that the most optimized design can be chosen can have substantial impact on the success of the final product.

AMP has several resources in this area with the capability to perform a systems analysis of various design options.  This capability extends to benchmarking of existing products to ensure the best concepts are considered.   


As companies continue to challenge shrinking product development lifecycles, it is very critical to ensure that detailed designs are done right and with an appropriate levels of oversight. AMP offers multi-disciplinary engineering design and detailing services.

Our team includes engineers with substantial experience in e-mobility automotive, automation, aerospace and power and infrastructure. 

We strive to work in close collaboration to deliver your project cost-effectively and in timely manner. 

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • General arrangement & component models

  • Sub-assembly/assembly drawing and model creation

  • Geometric dimensioning & tolerance,

  • Tolerance stack-up

  • BOM/Part list

Scooter Wheel.png

Scooter Wheel Motor

E-Mobility Soft Pack



Our engineers have vast experience developing printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) from your design schematics. This includes modifications updates and changes for design optimization. Our board designs are typically completed using Altium software.

Our team has completed launched several BMS and Inverter designs for Light Electric Vehicles. If you are looking for a PCB design service, be sure to include as much detail about your requirements as possible and we will get back to you very soon.


AMP's engineers have the skills and capabilities to analyze and solve complex problems in dynamics and structures. Our oversight personnel have years of prior aerospace experience in primary structural elements and aircraft dynamics. Our approach can be flexible from delivering work packages to development of a cross functional team of engineers to work with your team ensuring every facet of the product or system is analyzed in detail.

Our engineering analysis focus on safe and cost-effective solutions ensuring the highest level of structural integrity. 


AMP has the following engineering and simulation capabilities as follows;

  • Finite element using ABAQUS, ANSYS and NASTRAN

  • Strength and fatigue analysis (Stress and Strain life)

  • Linear and non Linear FE analysis

  • Sub modelling for rapid analysis and optimization

  • Impact/dynamic analysis using ABAQUS Explicit

  • Stick/Beam models in FEMAP

  • Linear fracture mechanics / damage tolerance analysis

  • Part optimization for weight and shape

  • Correlation to FE predictions

  • Analysis with hyper elasticity (rubber materials)

  • Smooth particle hydrodynamics

  • Thermal analysis

  • Classical hand calculations for rapid approximations

ABAQUS Contact model on an axle

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